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Not all colostrum is the same. Only Win IG6 Colostrum guarantees collection within 6 hours after birth to give you the following benefits:

1) Up to 30% Immunoglobulins

As the concentration of immunoglobulins decline every hour after birth, only Win IG6 that is collected within the first 6 hours can guarantee up to 30% immunoglobulins.

2) Over 37 Immune Factors

Win IG6’s first 6-hours colostrum contains over 37 immune factors, including 6 types of Immunoglobulins, Leukocytes, Lactoferrin, Polyproline-Rich Peptides (PRP), Lymphokinase and Cytokinase, to boost our immune system.

3) Over 8 Growth Factors

Win IG6’s first 6-hours colostrum contains more than 8 growth factors in colostrum, including the Growth Hormone, Transforming Growth Factor (TGF), Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1), Prolactin, Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) and Epithelial Growth Factor (EGF) that are at their maximum levels to help support our immune system.

4) Contains Digestive Inhibitors

Win IG6 Colostrum contains Trypsin and Protease inhibitors that prevent the digestive enzymes and acid from breaking down the active protein, hence the immune & growth factors to remain active in the bowel to fight off invaders. This is crucial as 80% of pathogens enter through the bowel. After 6 hours, the concentration of these inhibitors decreases and colostrum loses its ability to reach the bowel unscathed.

5) No Removal of Fat

The fat in some colostrum is removed but the removal of such fat will considerably reduce its beneficial factors as the fat in colostrum is a crucial transportation for IF & GF. Win IG6 does not remove any components, giving you its full benefit of first 6-hour colostrum.

6) No Lactase Added

Colostrum collected after 6 hours has higher lactose and may trigger allergic reactions. Thus, it needs to be denatured by adding lactase. As Win IG6 consist of 6-hour colostrum, it contains minimal lactose.

7) No Added Chemicals / Excipients

Colostrum is a difficult product to process and many manufacturers add excipients, emulsifiers or chemicals during the encapsulating process so the finished product flows easier and is water soluble. Win IG6’s first 6-hour colostrum does not have such added chemicals.

If It is NOT 6 Hours, it is NOT Win IG6 Colostrum


Colostrum – Mother Nature’s Healthy Alternative

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Nature’s Healing Miracle

- Colostrum is one of the most researched nutritional supplements in the world, with over 5,000 published scientific and medical studies:

A World’s Most Powerful Immune Booster

Ageing, illness and death occur with the loss of immune and growth factors in our bodies. Colostrum is the most important preventative supplement you’ll ever find”
Centre for Nutritional Research, US

“The incredibly rich combination of immune factors found in bovine colostrum makes it the most powerful immune boosting food available.”
Lance S. Wright MD
Colostrum – Mother Nature’s Healthy Alternative

“Colostrum has many functions and properties which makes it most probably the “single” most important food in the world.”
Institute of Colostrum Research, US

“Colostrum is completely natural, free of side effects and an excellent alternative to hundreds of drugs…definitely worth for your consideration.”
Zoltan Rona M.D. Canada

“Boosts the immune systems of top athletes.”
The New Zealand Herald

Massey University Researcher Christine Crooks

“Fibroblast, insulin-like and Transforming GF caused the growth and reproduction of cells… this type of quick and strong healing and re-growth means that there is usually less scarring.”
The University of Arizona, US 1990.

“The thymus gland can be regenerated with the use of “whole” colostrums… “whole” colostrums may indirectly play a role in the prevention and demise of cancer.”
Thomas E. Stone, US
Colostrum and Cancer

“The GH abd IGF-1 in colostrum stimulate the growth of the thymus gland, in some cases returning it to its original youthful size… better production of T-cells able to stop disease-causing invaders.”
Dr. Keith Kelly et al

University of Illinois, US

“Growth hormone in colostrum prevents the body from burning glucose for energy, instead increase fat oxidation. Without these GF, the body burns its own proteins instead of fat.”
Bak, Moller & Schmitz
University Clinic of Internal Medicine, Denmark

B IMMUNE FACTORS (IF) – Most Important Pathogen Killers

“Majority of antibodies in colostrum remain intact in the bowel where they attack disease-causing organisms before they cause disease.”
Study by Dr. David Tyrell
Clinical Research Center, England

“Lactoferrin in colostrum is one of the best ways to reduce viral levels. It inhibited the HIV infection of certain body cells.”
Study by Dr. Martin C. Harmsen et al
Journal of Infectious Diseases 172, 1995, Netherlands

“The IF in colostrum kills bacteria and viruses, balance the immune system and control inflammation.”
The Colostrum Option

Utah Prime Times Vol. 2 2000, US

“Invanding bacteria, viruses, yeast and allergens are prevented from setting up housekeeping by the IF found in colostrum… development of illness and other disorders may also be prevented.”
Robert K. York, US
The Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Colostrum

“PRP in colostrum was found to have the ability to regulate the immune system… Other factors repeatedly contribute to the healing of the intestinal lining.”
Thomas E. Stone, US
Colostrum and the Auto Immune Diseases

“Immunoglobulin (found in colostrum) are able to neutralize the most harmful bacteria, viruses and yeasts.
Dr. Per Brandtzaeg
Annals of the New York Academy of Science, US

C GROWTH FACTORS (GF) – Excellent for Cell Regeneration

“Bovine colostrum in combination with exercise training for 8 weeks may increase bone-free lean body mass in active men and women.”

National Center for Biotechnology Information, US

“The GF in colostrum improve nutrient uptake, rebuild bone mass, return elasticity to skin, improve energy and increase memory.”
The Colostrum Option

Utah Prime Times Vol.2 2000, US

“Trials with colostrum prior to the 2000 Olympics concluded that colostrum increases strength and stamina up to 20%.”
University of South Australia
Sports Nutrition Program

“Colostrum has the added value of pontentially stimulating the repair process (due to the presence of GF) as well as facilitating the eradication of infection.”
Raymond Playford et al
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


“Bovine colostrum contains a variety of essential nutrients, antibodies, cytokines, hormones and growth factors that are important for nutrient supply, host defense and growth.”

Sugisawa H. Itou T, Sakai T.
Nihon University, Japan

“Colostrum has the ability to kill bacteria and viral invaders, stimulate tissue repair and optimize cellular reproduction (anti-ageing). No other substance on the planet can provide all of these marvelous benefits.”
Center for Nutritional Research, US

“Colostrum has the added value of potentially stimulating the repair process as well as facilitating the eradication of the infection (in diarrhea).”
Playford RJ et al
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 72, July 2000, US

“Colostrum stimulates maturation of B Lymphocytes and primes them for production of antibodies, enhances growth and differentiation of white blood cells.”
Dr. M. Julius
McGill University, Montreal, Canada


“Colostrum is a very beneficial treatment for diabetes.”
Thomas E. Stone, US
Components in Colostrum Balance Blood Sugar Levels and Reduce Insulin Requirements, US

“Colostrum often plays a significant role in the recovery of patients with heart disease… it directly combats the Chlamydia bacteria. This alone, could effectively reduce arterial plaque.”
Thomas E. Stone, US
Heart Disease and Colostrum

“Colostrum repairs the damaged tissues in the intestines. Colostrum brings resolution to leaky gut syndrome.”
Thomas E. Stone,
Colostrum for Gastrointestinal Disorders, US

“The mix of immune and growth factors in colostrum can inhibit the spread of cancer cells. If viruses are involved, colostrum could prove to be one of the best ways to prevent the disease.”
Zoltan P. Rona MD
American Journal of Natural Medicine, March 1998, US

“Glycoproteins in bovine colostrum inhibit the attachment of bacteria that cause stomarch ulcers. Colostrum contains significant amounts of interleukin – 10… significant in reducing inflammation in arthritic joints and injury areas.”
Dr. Olle Hernell

University of Ulmea, Sweden

“Immunoglobulin in colostrum has been used to successfully treat Anemia, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”
Dr. Dwyer

New England Journal of Medicine